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TeeJet Air Induction 110° Ceramic Flat Spray Tip and Cap
Part # AG726821-P
Package Qty: 1
The AIC tip from TeeJet is a one-piece molded AI tip-and-cap combination.


  • Polymer insert holder and pre-orifice with VisiFlo® color coding
  • Stainless steel insert produces tapered-edge flat-spray pattern
  • Uniform coverage in broadcast spraying
  • Large droplets for less drift
  • Bigger drops burst on target area, forming smaller drops to give better coverage and penetration
  • Depending on the chemical, the AI TeeJet produces large, air-filled drops through the use of a venturi air aspirator
  • Typical Applications:
  • Pre-emergence surface-applied herbicides, minimum spray pressure of 40 PSI
  • Post-emergence contact herbicides, typical pressure of 80 PSI and higher
  • Soil-incorporated herbicides
  • Systemic fungicides and insecticides
  • Liquid fertilizer