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SKU:   AG727553
Vendor SKU:   1-117-0159-882

RGL 600 Lightbar for 110/115/P200/Universal Antenn

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Lighting the way for simple and accurate navigation

For simple navigation and swathing, Raven’s RGL series lightbar guidance system keeps you on target and ahead of schedule all day long. The RGL system’s simple one-step setup and operating mode is as easy as plugging the RGL lightbar into your DGPS receiver and entering the swath width. Advanced menu options also allow for more intricate patterns and settings depending on your navigation needs. With the RGL lightbar system, you can work more efficiently, put more money in your pocket, and simply do more with less.

High Value Points

More accurate driving. The RGL 600™ works seamlessly with your DGPS receiver to serve as a guidance display. This makes it possible for you to drive the desired swath pattern faster and more accurately than with the naked eye—and with less stress.

Easy to follow system. A series of high-visibility LED lights illuminate in real-time while you drive to indicate when, how far, and in which direction you’re off line. Two sets of lights make it easy for you to see and correct your position. The RGL lightbar display even gives a numerical distance from the desired centerline to help correct your path/alignment.

Simple installation and setup. The RGL series lightbar comes in a complete kit for simple setup and installation. Each kit includes the RGL lightbar, switchbox, cables and magnetic mounting kit. Simply position it for optimum visibility, plug it into your DGPS receiver, enter your swath width—and you’re good to go!