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SKU:   AG727322
Vendor SKU:   97875

Chain Shield, RH-304SS 12' 6

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These chain shields are relative to the New Leader spreaders with the #4 Belt-Over-Chain connveyor systems and are used to seal the chain links from the fertilizer product.  The part numbers are assembled chain shields consisting of the metal strip, rubber sealer strip and hardware attaching the rubber sealer to the metal.  Note that there are part numbers for the RH and LH sides, different lengths, and also various metal configurations such as carbon steel (CS), 409 stainless steel (409SS) and 304 stainless steel (304SS).  Pick the proper part according to the size of your spreader and what the spreader has on it.

The attaching hardware used to fasten the chain shields to the spreader box is as follows:  AG719051 Carriage Bolt-SS, AG562065 Hex Nut-SS and AG562050 Lockwasher-SS.  Use these quantities of each p/n per spreader box; 28 per 12.5' spreader, 30 per 13' spreader and 32 per 14' spreader. 
NOTE: The chain shields will measure one foot longer than the spreader box size.  If in doubt as to what length is needed, measure the length of the chain shield for size verification.  For example, on a 12' 6" spreader, the chain shields will measure 13' 6" long, on a 13' spreader, the chain shields will measure 14' long, etc.