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SKU:   AG057942

Strainer 50 Mesh

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TDXL nozzles produce large, air-filled drops that give extraordinary drift reduction and excellent canopy penetration. Upon impact with the target, the drops shatter into very small droplets providing exceptional spray coverage. This spray tip is designed for operation from 15–60 PSI. It features a polyacetal venturi and an integral tip/cap nozzle.

  • Excellent drift reduction. Applications can be made in wind speeds two times that of ordinary nozzles.
  • The low pressure operating range makes it the best choice for spraying drift-sensitive herbicides such as Roundup® and Command® in crops such as corn, soybeans and cotton.
  • Wide operating pressure range allows large changes in speed and/or application rate without changing nozzles.
  • Fits wherever standard nozzles are installed.
Note: See "Related Parts and Products" for strainers. Recommended boom height is 20 to 36 inches with 20 inch nozzle spacing.