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Run Hold Kit

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The Calc-An-Acre II adds even more value to the original low-cost acre counter.  In addition to providing accurate speed, area and distance measurement; the Calc-An-Acre II will now independently monitor the rpm of a shaft.  It includes three independent area counters, two independent hour counters, an area per hour function and a width reduction feature to measure the effective coverage area in spraying applications.  The Calc-An-Acre II offers new features while remaining compatible with existing Calc-An-Acre harness installations.

The Calc-An-Acre II can be installed on most types of equipment including tractors, sprayers, combines, ATV's and trucks. It can be used in a wide range of work situations to help eliminate waste, increase productivity and track progress.
    Chemical/Fertilizer Application-Monitor and maintain ground speed with greater ease for more consistent application. Compare chemical or fertilizer usage to get an accurate measurement of the coverage area to verify correct applications rates.

    Test Plots-
    Accurately set up test plots to compare the peformance of different seed varieties, tillage practices, herbicides, ect.

    Harvesting-Measure total area, individual fields or parts of a field for accurate yield calculations and spot checks.

    Record Keeping-Know the correct area is covered when leasing equipment or performing custom work.

    General Management-Perform timely equipment maintenance, plan work schedules and estimate completion time.
The versatility of Cacl-AN-Acre II makes it a tool for all seasons that quickly pays for itself.