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SKU:   AG001433
Vendor SKU:   TP8006E

Tip 8006E - Brass

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Banding nozzles have the letter "E" stamped into the nozzle to indicate their even or uniform distribution across the entire band width. They are commonly used to treat only a portion of the total area covered by the boom's total swath width. Even flat spray tips are available in a range of capacities in 40°, 80°, and 95° spray angles to meet various band spraying requirements.

Notes: VS Tips are stainless steel with VisaFlo color coding. SS tips are stainless steel. Nozzle Caps and strainers for E series tips are located at the end of tips listed below. Caps 055181 - 055188 are for tips __01 through __08 (smaller capacities)Caps 055180,055180 through 055206 are for tips __10 through __20 (larger capacities). See "Related Parts and Products" for a complete listing of strainers.