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SKU:   AG708726
Vendor SKU:   1-115-0159-018

Speed Sensor Extension Cable 24 ft

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Raven's automatic SCS 330 sprayer control system is designed for trailed and ATV sprayers. The system maintains a single programmed application rate regardless of speed changes and/or changes in the number of boom sections being used.

The SCS 330 system can be configured with any of Raven's speed sensors, control valves, or flowmeters. The 330 provides control of 3 boom sections and features quick and easy programming.

  • Flow Rate (gallons or liters)
  • Distance traveled (feet or meters)
  • Speed (mph or kph)
  • Total volume applied (gallons or liters)
  • Total area worked (acres, hectares, or 1,000 sq. ft. units)
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