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Cruizer II™ GEN I Cables and Components

Note: *Also works with Cruizer™

  SKU Description Ref. # Price Quantity
  AG427469 Cable, Port Exp Cruizer II (Port Expander Only) * Call
  AG427254 Cable, Adapt Boom Sense Cruizer II (Boom Sense Only) * Call
  AG427255 Cable, Port Exp Cruizer II w/ Speed Output * Call
  AG427248 Cable, Interface Cruizer II (Tilt sensor and Boom Sense, SmarTrax) * Call
  AG427674 Cable, Interface Cruizer II w/ Speed (SmartBoom) * Call
  AG428207 Cable, Port Expander Cruizer II w/ Speed (SmartBoom) * Call
  AG428266 Cable, Adapter CAN Cruizer II N/A Call
  AG427256 Cable, 20’ TNC(M) to BNC(M) (Helix to Cruizer) * Call
  AG427251 Vacuum Mount - Ram with Ball * Call
  AG427253 Cruizer Power Cable * Call
  AG726295 Patch Antenna * Call
  AG427115 Antenna - Helix MBA-3 (Cruizer and Envizio PRO) * Call
  AG426745 Dome Cover for MBA-3 Antenna N/A Call
  AG427283 MBA-3 Antenna Kit * Call
  AG427700 Tilt Kit - Includes tilt sensor and interface cable * Call
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