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Raven SmartSteer


SmartSteer takes the stress out of driving and makes it and painless for you to improve your operating efficiency and performance. Pair the SmartSteer with Raven’s Cruizer guidance system for a very affordable, quick-to-install steering system uniquely designed to keep you on line and simplify driving. Optional vehicle transfer kits make moving SmartSteer cab to cab a breeze— and the steering wheel doesn’t even have to be removed.


The direct gear drive found in SmartSteer is vastly superior to the friction designs found on other assisted steering systems, completely eliminating unwanted slippage for improved accuracy and reliability— and it won’t pinch your fingers. SmartSteer is even kind to your ears as one of the quietest steering products on the market.


SmartSteer Features:

  • Simple to install and highly portable
  • Direct mechanical gear drive
  • Instant steering disengagement
  • Convenient foot-pedal steering engagement
  • Best-in-class line acquisition
  • Automated system calibration
  • Four steering patterns
  • Compatible with Cruizer, Envizio Pro, and Viper Pro
  • 3D terrain compensation automatically corrects for roll, pitch and yaw


Important Ordering Notes:

  • Cruizer, Envizio Pro, or Viper Pro must be purchased separately from SmartSteer kit.
  • SmartSteer kit includes: SmartSteer MDU, CAN steering node, mounting hardware, foot switch, and cabling.
  • Controller kit includes: CAN steering node, foot switch, interface cable, and node cable.
  • Cruizer requires software version 1.5 or higher.
  • Viper Pro requires software version 3.0 or higher.
  • Envizio Pro requires software version 2.0 or higher.
  • Vehicle Transfer kits includes vehicle gear rings, MDU mounting bracket kit, and gear ring cap.
  • SmartSteer is approved for use with most tractors (including articulated), sprayers, and floaters. It is not compatible with track tractors or swathers at this time. It is currently not approved for usage on SpraCoupe 3000 and 4000 Series machines. We will be testing and approving additional machines and machine types in the future.
  • SmartSteer kit for Cruizer includes interface cable (AG427248)

  SKU Description Price Quantity
  AG427646 SmartSteer 3D Kit for Envizio Pro or Viper Pro Call
  AG427644 SmartSteer 3D Kit for Cruizer Call
  AG427647 Cable, 6’ CAN Bus for SmartSteer EPro/VPro Call
  AG427648 Kit, CAN Power with terminators for SmartSteer EPro/VPro Call
  AG427104 GEN I Cable, Viper Pro / Envizio Pro (II) Auxiliary Call
  AG427649 SmartSteer MDU Only Call
  AG427650 SmartSteer Vehicle Transfer Kit Call
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