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GVM SmarTrax Kits
Each SmarTrax System contains four vital components:
  1. SmarTrax Controller Kit - AG426100
  2. Hydraulic Install Kit - Machine specific
  3. DGPS Receiver - Raven is preferred, but a competitve brand that has at least a 10 hertz update rate will work (Exclude if Envizio PRO or Cruizer)
  4. Raven Guidance - ViperPRO, EnvizioPRO, Cruizer, or RGL600 light bar

  SKU Description Price Quantity
  AG426100 SmarTrax Controller Kit Call
  AG427541 Install Kit - GVM Predator (2006 and older) Call
  AG427577 Install Kit - GVM Predator 8245 (2007 and newer) Call
  AG427551 Install Kit - GVM Predator (Spray-Air) Call
  AG427532 Install Kit - GVM Prowler (2007 and older, non 120’ boom) Call
  AG427576 Install Kit - GVM Prowler (2008 and Newer & all 120’ booms) Call
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