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Raven SCS 4000 Series Consoles are affordable and easy-to-use. Take control of your applications with a big screen view. large keypad and a simple setup. Manage five products and navigate your applications with a user-friendly interface. The 4000 series also expands easily. offering you the flexibility your operations needs.


  • 5 product capability
  • CANBus equipped
  • No Data Recording
  • Clearly marked. large keypads
  • Easy to read. backlit VGA display
  • Simple in-cab wiring
  • Ground speed compensated automatic rate control
  • GPS compatible
  • 10 boom capability
  • Upgrade software remotely via serial port



  SKU Description Price Quantity
  AG428117 SCS 4600 Kit - Includes console and flashdisk Call
  AG427137 SCS 4600 Console Call
  AG427264 Cable 6 ft. boom / power Call
  AG428118 Cable console 3 ft. Call
  AG427007 Cable console 15 ft. Call
  AG726588 Cable 12 ft. Product 10 boom liquid Call
  AG426337 Cable 24 ft. Product Granular Call
  AG427150 Cable 5 ft Extension Call
  AG427146 Cable 12 ft. Extension Call
  AG427147 Cable 24 ft. Extension Call
  AG427149 Adapter Cable, 4600/4400 to 4X0/6X0 Call
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