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AGCO Anti-wear Hydraulic Oil 

AGCO Anti-wear Hydraulic Oil is a premium quality, low-zinc hydraulic oil. It has excellent stability and a balanced additive system that provides oxidation and thermal stability, demulsibility, along with anti-rust, anti-wear and anti-foam characteristics. Anti-wear agents used in AGCO® hydraulic oil help minimize wear in high-speed, high-pressure vane and gear pumps while meeting the requirements of axial piston pumps.

This oil is recommended for use on RoGator® applicator models 663, 664, 844, 864, 1054, 1064, 1254, 1254C, 1264 and 1264C, as well as other AGCO® equipment brands and models, and other general industrial equipment requiring an anti-wear hydraulic oil.

Ambient operating temperatures:
0 °F - 60 °F use Anti-wear Hydraulic Oil ISO 68
32 °F - 100 °F use Anti-wear Hydraulic Oil ISO 100


AGCO Synthetic Gearlube 75W-140

This synthetic gearlube is recommended for use on 2011 RoGator drive systems.

  SKU Description Price Quantity
  79021753W AGCO Hydraulic Oil AW ISO 68 - 55 gal (208L) Call
  79022781W AGCO Hydraulic Oil AW ISO 100 - 5 gal (18.9L) Call
  79022782W AGCO Hydraulic Oil AW ISO 100 - 55 gal (208L) Call
  79034596 AGCO Synthetic Gearlube 75W-140 - 2.5 gal Call
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