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The following parts list the wear strips and various shims that are used on the Air Spread center rear boom frame slider.  The earlier Air Spreads used four of the 10" wear strips, AG107735.  In model year 2003 and after, a longer 14" wear strip and shim was implemented into use for the top two wear strips and shims.  The bottom two wear strips and shims remained as 10" long.
Refer to Parts Bulletin 000506 for information on a Wear Strip, Shim & Service Kit to add the longer wear strips to previous model Air Spreads before 2003.  The kit consists of the upper wear strips, shims, screws, mounting tabs and instructions.  Some rework and welding is required for installation of this kit.

  SKU Description Price Quantity
  AG107735 Wear Strip, 10 Call
  AG122495 Wear Strip, 14 Call
  AG122496 Shim, Wear Strip, Upper 12 gauge - 14 Call
  AG122497 Shim, Wear Strip, Upper 14 gauge - 14 Call
  AG122498 Kit Service, Wear Strip Call
  AG233417 Shim, Wear Strip, Upper or Lower 16 gauge - 10 Call
  AG233418 Shim, Wear Strip, Upper or Lower 12 gauge - 10 Call
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