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Hypro Hi-Flow Spray Tips
140° Wide Angle Drift Reducing Tip
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  • Excellent for high volume coverage or high speed applications
  • 140° pattern ensures unmatched uniformity across the spray boom and throughout the entire pressure range (20-80 psi)
  • Wide spray angle (140°) allows for lower spray height to reduce drift or wide nozzle spacing to match existing equipment
  • Droplets under 100 microns are controlled to minimize fertilizer burn or pre-emerge drift
  • Patented straight-through design reduces clogging and easily fits directly on standard nozzle bodies
  • FastCap™ design adds convenience and protects handlers from residues
  • Available in sizes 08 through 60 to achieve the volumes needed to apply crop fertilizer and maintain quality turfgrass

  SKU Description Ref. # Price Quantity
  AG427224 Hi-Flow Nozzle 140-08 N/A Call
  AG427225 Hi-Flow Nozzle 140-10 N/A Call
  AG427226 Hi-Flow Nozzle 140-15 N/A Call
  AG428234 Hi-Flow Nozzle 140-20 New for 2011 Call
  AG428235 Hi-Flow Nozzle 140-30 New for 2011 Call
  AG428236 Hi-Flow Nozzle 140-40 New for 2011 Call
  AG428237 Hi-Flow Nozzle 140-50 New for 2011 Call
  AG428238 Hi-Flow Nozzle 140-60 New for 2011 Call
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