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New Leader has now introduced a new version of the G4 Spinner Retrofit Kit for customers with the GT series and the pre-GT series of spreaders that will allow them to convert their existing spinner system into the version that is used on the G4 series of spreaders.  The new kits consist of the frame and fan assembly with the spinner motors, shield and guard kit, two hydraulic hoses for the spinner motors hook-up and the G4 Spinner Retrofit and Operator's manual. 
NOTE: To achieve the spread patterns that New Leader promotes, hydraulic testing may need to be performed.  The spread widths are achieved with 28 to 30 gpm on L2020G4 and 40 to 42 gpm on L3020G4 machines.  This is very important that the customer understands this!  The customer may need to upgrade their hydraulic system as well.  Pre-GT and GT series L2020 required 25-28 gpm, pre-GT and GT series L3020 required 35-38 gpm, therefore the need to consider an upgrade to their hydraulic systems.

  SKU Description Price Quantity
  AG332405 Kit/Retrofit Spinner L2020G4 Carbon Steel Call
  AG332406 Kit/Retrofit Spinner L2020G4 Stainless Steel Call
  AG332407 Kit/Retrofit Spinner L3020G4 Carbon Steel Call
  AG332408 Kit/Retrofit Spinner L3020G4 Stainless Steel Call
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