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The following list of parts would be for a Viper PRO to replace an existing SCS661 installation.
Here are some examples:
  • RoGator 854, 864, 1054, 1064, 1254 and 1264 
  • TerraGator Liquid System
Application Drawing will be Coming Soon!

  SKU Description Price Quantity
  522497D1 Viper PRO Console with 5 Product VRA Software Call
  AG137573 Mounting Bracket - SCS4000/Viper/Viper PRO/Envizio PRO/ Call
  AG427109 Cable - 2 feet Viper PRO CAN to 661 Call
  519172D1 Node - 12 Volt Product with PWM Control Call
  AG126233 Node - Boom and Speed Call
  AG427102 Bracket - Boom Speed/Single Product Node Mounting Call
  522500D1 4 GB USB Flash Drive Call
  522499D1 Operator Manual - Viper PRO (comes with 522497D1) Call
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