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The Viper PRO kit listed below is a plug-and-play replacement for Viper, SCS4000 and SCS5000 on AGCO Application Equipment.


Looking for a lightbar? Click on Related Parts for a lightbar kit for the Viper PRO.


Already have a lightbar? All you need is a cable to connect the Viper PRO to the lightbar, so the Viper PRO operates the lightbar. Click on Related Parts.


Note: Viper PRO kit includes: Viper PRO console with 5 product VRA software, console cable, flash drive, and operators manual.

  SKU Description Ref. # Price Quantity
  522496D1 Viper PRO Kit Complete Kit Call
  522497D1 Viper PRO Console with 5 Product VRA Software Service Part Call
  522498D1 Cable - Viper PRO Console Service Part Call
  522499D1 Operator Manual - Viper PRO (comes with 522497D1) Service Part Call
  522500D1 4 GB USB Flash Drive Service Part Call
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