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The Raven SmarTrax  systems allow for hands-free steering at speeds up to 22 mph and can be used for spraying, spreading, broad-acre air seeding, discing, and tillage operations.

Whether you're planting or spraying, SmarTrax minimizes skip and overlap for improved accuracy and less waste - and it works with virtually any GPS receiver with a NMEA protocol string.

Each SmarTrax System contains four vital components, which are listed below:

  • DGPS Receiver - Raven is preferred, but a competitve brand that has at least a 10 hertz update rate will work (Exclude if Envizio PRO or Cruizer)
  • Raven Guidance - ViperPRO, EnvizioPRO, Cruizer, or RGL600 light bar
  • SmarTrax Controller Kit - AG426100
  • Hydraulic Install Kit - Machine specific


NEW - CAN SmarTrax

Integrates SmarTrax assisted steering into our Envizio Pro and Viper Pro field computers as well as the Cruizer guidance system. This eliminates the need for the SmarTrax stand-alone black box controller and allows the operator to calibrate and program SmarTrax through the same field computer running their guidance, boom controls, and application controls!


NEW - SmarTrax 3D

Compensates for machine roll, pitch, and yaw for operations in rougher terrain for increased accuracy and efficiency. This new feature is available on our new CAN steering systems as well as the existing SmartSteer units already in the field.