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Variable flow rate nozzle for Broadcast and Turf application.
Hi-VariTarget is a nozzle that is capable of controlling flow rate and maintaining proper spray pattern and droplet size over an extended range of flow rates. The nozzle comprises a flexible spray tip that is automatically and appropriately deformed by a flexible metering assembly in reponse to changes in liquid pressure.
  • Flow rate variable from 0.25 - 2.50 GPM as pressure varies from 15 - 60 PSI
  • Extremely coarse droplet size over a wide range of flow rates
  • Spray Angle 110 degrees
  • Uniform spray coverage along the boom and travel direction
  • Quick response to rate changes
  • Flow rate controllable on the go
  • Compatible with pressure regulators or automatic rate controllers
  • Adaptable to conventional spraying systems
  • Excellent chemical and wear resistance
  • Flexible and large orifices allowing significant reduction in nozzle plugging
  • Maximum Pressure 100 PSI
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