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TeeJet Caps for Hardi Nozzle Bodies  These caps will work with TeeJet Tips on Hardi Nozzle Bodies. 
  • The 21398H will work with:
    • TJ TwinJet
    • AI TeeJet & AIUB TeeJet
    • SJ-3 StreamJet
    • DG TwinJet
    • TTI Turbo TeeJet Induction
  • The 23306H will work with TeeJet Flat Spray Tips:
    • Standard -0067 thru -08
    • XR -01 thru -08
    • AIXR
    • DG
    • TT
    • OC -01 thru -08
    • Turbo TwinJet

  SKU Description Ref. # Price Quantity
  AG426559 21398H Cap and Gasket Black 21398H Call
  AG426560 21398H Cap and Gasket White 21398H Call
  AG053853 21398H Cap and Gasket Red 21398H Call
  AG054013 21398H Cap and Gasket Blue 21398H Call
  AG426561 21398H Cap and Gasket Green 21398H Call
  AG058013 21398H Cap and Gasket Yellow 21398H Call
  AG426562 21398H Cap and Gasket Brown 21398H Call
  AG426563 21398H Cap and Gasket Orange 21398H Call
  AG054862 23306H Cap and Gasket Black 23306H Call
  AG426564 23306H Cap and Gasket White 23306H Call
  AG055596 23306H Cap and Gasket Red 23306H Call
  AG717889 23306H Cap and Gasket Blue 23306H Call
  AG426565 23306H Cap and Gasket Brown 23306H Call
  AG426566 23306H Cap and Gasket Orange 23306H Call
  AG050807 Gasket Only N/A Call
  AG055113 Gasket Only - For Use with Tip Strainer N/A Call
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