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One VeriVolume™ Nozzle Replaces Eight Flood Nozzles!

Excellent for high volume broadcast application of varying rates.

  • Soil incorportation
  • Pre-emerge applications
  • Post emerge / systemic applications

Flow Rate Controllable on the go

AE50 Award Winner


  • Flow rate variable from 1.5 - 12 GPM as varying pressure from 15 - 45 PSI
  • Wide range of application rates (10 - 80 GPA at 15 mph) achievable with one nozzle
  • Flow rate controllable on the go
  • Fast response to rate change
  • Flat fan Spray with tapered edge and extra wide spray angle
  • Spray angle of 140 degrees constant over range of flow rates
  • Spray height variable from 30 to 60 inches
  • Optimum droplets for uniform coverage and drift reduction
  • Uniform coverage along with the spray boom and travel direction
  • 3/4 inch cam-lock quick coupler
  • Compatiable with pressure regulators or automatic rate controllers
  • Excelllent chemical and wear resistance
  • Flexible and large orfices allowing significan reduction in nozzle plugging

See below for VeriVolume™ Application Chart

  SKU Description Price Quantity
  AG426532 VeriVolume™ Nozzle Call
  AG427032 Metering Stem Assembly Call
  AG427033 Spray Tip, Cap & Gasket Call
  AG427034 Gasket Call
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