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Look under the Gator Guide for a PDF of the Twin Cap
Hypro's Twin Cap is simple, compact way to apply the spray volumes and medium spray quality suggested for controlling Asian Soybean Rust.  Unlike old dual nozzles the Twin Cap actually lets you get exactly the right spray quality at the application rates you need.  Plus, the twin spray tips set at 30 degree angles enhance canopy penetration and coverage.
Features and Benifits
  • Enhanced coverage is needed when spraying for plant diseases like Asian Soybean Rust, as well as insects or tough weeds.
  • Twin 30 degree angles imporve canopy penetration and enhance coverage on stems and leaves
  • Versatile design holds any two standard dimension tips
  • Perfect for setting up equipment to deliver medium sprays over a wide range fo speeds and pressures
  • Low profile design reduces risk of breakage
  • Fits most popular nozzle bodies and is completely funcitonal on muti-port nozzle bodies

  SKU Description Price Quantity
  AG426233 Nozzle TC2-ULD120-015 Call
  AG426234 Nozzle TC2-ULD120-02 Call
  AG426235 Nozzle TC2-ULD120-025 Call
  AG426236 Nozzle TC2-ULD120-03 Call
  AG426237 Nozzle TC2-ULD120-04 Call
  AG426238 Nozzle TC2-LD110-015 Call
  AG426239 Nozzle TC2-LD110-02 Call
  AG426240 Nozzle TC2-LD110-025 Call
  AG426241 Nozzle TC2-LD110-03 Call
  AG426242 Nozzle TC2-LD110-04 Call
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