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The TurboDrop TwinFan (TDTF, TDCTF) can be used in a variety of applications, from burndown with glyphosate to contact fungicides for Asian Soybean Rust.

At 30-70 psi, the TurboDrop TwinFan will deliver the optimal droplet size for glyphosate, with excellent drift control.

At 80-120 psi, the nozzle delivers the Medium to Fine droplets required for Soybean Rust fungicides.  By creating the proper droplet size at high pressure, the TurboDrop TwinFan provides the velocity required to deliver the air-filled droplets deep into the plant canopy, where they provide unsurpassed coverage.

One size TurboDrop TwinFan will fit a variety of applications.  For example, the 04 TurboDrop TwinFan will deliver Glyphosate at 10 gpa at 11-15 mph between 35 and 65 psi.  For 15 gpa fungicides, this same nozzle could be operated at 11-13 mph at roughly 80-110 psi.  Sprayer speed could be reduced a couple of miles per hour (9-10 mph) to deliver 20 gpa at 90-110 psi.

The TurboDrop has proven its versatility in the widest variety of applications over the last 10 years.

TDTF = The full polyacetal version features a polyacetal pre-orfice and dual polyacetal outlet nozzles.
TDCTF = The semi-ceramic version features a ceramic pre-orfice and dual polyacetal outlet nozzles.

  SKU Description Price Quantity
  AG426384 NOZZLE TDTF01 Call
  AG426385 NOZZLE TDTF015 Call
  AG426191 NOZZLE TDTF02 Call
  AG426192 NOZZLE TDTF025 Call
  AG428405 TADF03 Nozzle Call
  AG428406 TADF04 Nozzle Call
  AG426195 NOZZLE TDTF05 Call
  AG427331 NOZZLE TDTF06 Call
  AG428409 TADF08 Nozzle Call
  AG427333 NOZZLE TDTF10 Call
  AG426196 NOZZLE TDCTF02 Call
  AG426197 NOZZLE TDCTF025 Call
  AG426198 NOZZLE TDCTF03 Call
  AG426199 NOZZLE TDCTF04 Call
  AG426200 NOZZLE TDCTF05 Call
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