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While the standard TurboDrop and AirMix nozzles have proven to provide excellent canopy penetration into a wide variety of dense crops the added benefit of twin or dual fan orientation for shorter dense crops like soybeans has been shown to accentuate penetration and coverage in these types of canopies.  Research with potatoes and peanuts, two crops with similar canopies to soybeans, indicates that forcing the spray droplets into the foliage with a double fan configuartion can increase coverage in the bottom half of the canopy.  To maximize the effectiveness of Soybean Rust fungicides a dual air injected spray nozzle offers a unique means of delivering the right size droplets to the intended target.

Carrier Rates 15-20 GPA

Travel Speeds less than 12 mph

Droplet Size 200-300 micron

Spray Pressure 50-80 PSI

Nozzle Orientation Two fans at opposing angles forward and backward



  SKU Description Price Quantity
  AG426183 NOZZLE AMTF025 Call
  AG426184 NOZZLE AMTF03 Call
  AG426185 NOZZLE AMTF035 Call
  AG426186 NOZZLE AMTF04 Call
  AG426187 NOZZLE AMTF045 Call
  AG426188 NOZZLE AMTF05 Call
  AG426189 NOZZLE AMTF055 Call
  AG426190 NOZZLE AMTF06 Call
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