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Twin Flat Spray Tip

Ideal for providing a penetrating, thorough coverage with post-emerge herbicides. Provides good coverage on cloddy fields and fields covered with crop residue. Sprays front and rear for uniform surface coverage of crop or weeds.

  • Nozzle spacing 20"
  • Smaller droplets for thorough coverage
  • Penetrates crop residue or dense foilage
  • Spraying pressure 30 - 60 PSI
Suggested minimum spray height based on 20 inch nozzle spacing is: 65° = 22-24", 80° = 17-19", and 110° = 15-18". Adjust spray height in the field to overlap approximately 30% of each edge of spray pattern. Tip materials include
Brass, and (VS) color coded stainless steel.
A TwinJet® nozzle chart is also located at the end of the tips listed below. GPA capacities are based on water. Caps for TwinJet spray tips are listed at the end of the tips listed below.
See "Related Parts and Products" for complete selection of strainers.

  SKU Description Price Quantity
  AG050335 Nozzle TJ60-11002 VS - Yellow Call
  AG050338 Nozzle TJ60-11003 VS - Blue Call
  AG050341 Nozzle TJ60-11004 VS - Red Call
  AG427022 Nozzle TJ60-11005 VS - Brown Call
  AG050324 Nozzle TJ60-11006 VS - Gray Call
  AG050327 Nozzle TJ60 11008 VS - White Call
  AG050329 Nozzle TJ60-11010 VS - L. Blue Call
  AG055233 Nozzle Cap with Gasket - Black Call
  AG055231 Nozzle Cap with Gasket - Yellow Call
  AG057011 Nozzle Cap with Gasket - Blue Call
  AG055232 Nozzle Cap with Gasket - Red Call
  AG056996 Nozzle Cap with Gasket - Brown Call
  AG057009 Nozzle Cap with Gasket - White Call
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