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Applications: 2003-2005 864/1064/1264 Sheet metal Note: The ladder cylinder has been updated from AG424994 to AG425222. If you are replacing AG424994 wotj AG425222 you will also need to order 2 of AG561677, 90 D Elbow to adapt the new cylinder. Part number of the cylinder should be stamped near the base end of the cylinder.

  SKU Description Price Quantity
  AG130133 Ladder Stringer LH Upper Call
  AG130058 Ladder Stringer RH Upper Call
  AG130132 Ladder Stringer LH Lower Call
  AG130135 Ladder Stringer RH Lower Call
  AG327251 Step Aluminum Call
  AG519802 Rubber Bumper for Entry Door Call
  AG520929 Grab Handle Call
  AG425222 Cylinder for Hydraulic Fold Ladder Call
  AG561677 Elbow 90 D MO-R x MJIC (ladder Cylinder) Call
  AG262883 Spacer Base End of Cylinder Upper Ladder Call
  AG522454 Knob 4 Prong .31 x 1 Call
  AG522406 Gas Spring for Hood Call
  AG600008 Rubber Strap for Hood Call
  AG601225 Pin for Rubber Strap Call
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