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Applications: 2004-2005 Air Conditioning for TerraGators 8103,8104,3104, and 6103
Note AG137459 includes the Shrader valve, o-ring cap and port adapter. 
The AG516854 relay is used for the HVAC on the '04 Terra Gators and is located in the side panel between the PDM blocks and the master module.

  SKU Description Price Quantity
  AG719144 Air Conditionar Compressor Call
  AG519278 Receiver Dryer Call
  AG420834 Condensor Coil Call
  AG727102 Evaporator Coil Call
  AG718801 Expansion Valve Call
  AG262906 High Pressure Switch Call
  AG727093 Blower Motor 2004 and up Call
  AG607237 Low Pressure Switch Call
  AG718798 Thermostat Heater, A/C Call
  AG718805 Pressure Fan and Blower Motor ASM Call
  AG718807 12 Volt Relay Call
  AG061196 Resistor for fan blower motor 2004 and up Call
  AG718787 Electronic Water Valve Call
  AG727097 Heater Core Call
  AG137459 Port Charge Asm Call
  AG328801 Fitting/AFM Drain (Drain Duckbill - Per) Call
  AG516864 Relay 75 AMP Call
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