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Excellent for application of liquid fertilizer.

  • Creates seven identical fluid streams of equal velocity and capacity
  • Excellent spray distribution quality
  • Removable metering orfice for easy cleaning
  • Offered in a variety of sizes for a wide range of application rates
  • VisiFlo color coding for easy capacity identifaction
  • All acetal construction for excellent chemical resistance
  • Recommended operating pressure 20 -60 PSI
  •   SKU Description Price Quantity
      AG426051 TIP/ SJ-7 015 Call
      AG426052 TIP/ SJ-7 02 Call
      AG426053 TIP/ SJ-7 03 Call
      AG426054 TIP/ SJ-7 04 Call
      AG426055 TIP/ SJ-7 05 Call
      AG426056 TIP/ SJ-7 06 Call
      AG426057 TIP/ SJ-7 08 Call
      AG426058 TIP/ SJ-7 10 Call
      AG426059 TIP/ SJ-7 15 Call
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