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ESI Six Stream Spray Tips
Ceramic tips for targeted fertilizer application.
  • Six Streams provide accurate targeting of fertilizer
  • Ceramic orifice for maximum wear resistance
  • ISO color coded and flow rated for easy identification
  • Provides extremely course droplets imporving fertilizer distribution
  • Available in five sizes to suit your application rate.
  •   SKU Description Price Quantity
      AG426595 Nozzle and Cap FC-ESI-110015 Call
      AG426596 Nozzle and Cap FC-ESI-11002 Call
      AG426597 Nozzle and Cap FC-ESI-110025 Call
      AG426598 Nozzle and Cap FC-ESI-11003 Call
      AG426599 Nozzle and Cap FC-ESI-11004 Call
      AG426600 Nozzle and Cap FC-ESI-11005 Call
      AG426601 Nozzle and Cap FC-ESI-11006 Call
      AG426602 Nozzle and Cap FC-ESI-11008 Call
      AG426580 Nozzle and Cap FC-ESI-11010 Call
      AG426603 Nozzle and Cap FC-ESI-11015 Call
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