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Provides precision single product rate control with the flexibility of up to seven boom sections. Two separate application rates can be pre-programmed into the controllers and selected on the go with a flip of the switch. Application rates can be manually overridden to accommodate spot spraying needs even when in automatic.

The SCS 460 consoles are GPS compatible for variable rate application and data logging. All logged data can be downloaded for use in determining future application informaiton. User frinendly programming, non-volatile memory, easy to read lighted display and data lock, combined with reliability, accuracy and affordability of Raven systems make the SCS 460 console the right choice for single product chemical application.


  • New easy to read 28 digit display
  • Ground speed compenstated automatic rate control
  • One time easy programming
  • Simple cabling and installation
  • Cumulative total volume applied and total area worked for record keeping
  • GPS compatiable
  • On the go programmable rate change
  • Low limit function to eliminate pattern degradation
  • Multiple audible alarms for system monitoring
  • Self test function for system check-out

  SKU Description Price Quantity
  AG055841 Console SCS 460 with Serial Interface Call
  AG716268 Console Cable - 3 Ft 460/660 Controller Only Call
  AG726430 Cable Flow Control 24 Foot Call
  AG726432 Cable Flow Extension 24 foot Call
  AG711519 Raven Radar Cable 12 ft. Call
  AG708785 Flowmeter Extension Cable 6 ft. Call
  AG708709 Flowmeter Extension Cable 12 ft Call
  AG609530 Flowmeter Extension Cable 24 foot Call
  AG608979 Speed Sensor Extension Cable 12ft Call
  AG708726 Speed Sensor Extension Cable 24 ft Call
  AG059594 Pressure Tranducer Cable 10 foot Console End Call
  AG059593 Pressure Tranducer Cable Console End 3 foot Call
  AG726437 Pressure Transducer Cable Sensor End 6 Foot Call
  AG059595 Pressure Tranducer Cable 12 foot Sensor End Call
  AG726438 Pressure Tranducer Cable Sensor End 37 foot Call
  AG726439 Pressure Transducer Cable 44 foot Sensor End Call
  AG428121 TRANSDUCER Call
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