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Hypro's Total Range spray tip features a stainless steel tip. This tip delivers a versatile spray pattern for appllications of herbicides, fungicides, insecticides and growth regulators. This is a tip and cap combination eliminating the handling of seperate tips, caps, and gaskets.

Note: Recommended boom height based on 20 inch nozzle spacing is 18 inches minimum to 30 inches optimum for 80° degree nozzles. 110° nozzles minimum spray height is 16 inches optimum is 20 inches. A nozzle chart is located at the end of the nozzles listed below.

  SKU Description Price Quantity
  AG726687 Nozzle FC-TR80-01 Call
  AG726688 Nozzle FC-TR80-015 Call
  AG726689 Nozzle FC-TR80-02 Call
  AG726690 Nozzle FC-TR80-03 Call
  AG726691 Nozzle FC-TR80-04 Call
  AG726692 Nozzle FC-TR80-05 Call
  AG726693 Nozzle FC-TR80-06 Call
  AG726694 Nozzle FC-TR80-08 Call
  AG726695 Nozzle FC-TR80-10 Call
  AG726696 Nozzle FC-TR80-15 Call
  AG726697 Nozzle FC-TR110-01 Call
  AG726698 Nozzle FC-TR110-015 Call
  AG726699 Nozzle FC-TR110-02 Call
  AG726700 Nozzle FC-TR110-03 Call
  AG726701 Nozzle FC-TR110-04 Call
  AG726702 Nozzle FC-TR110-05 Call
  AG726703 Nozzle FC-TR110-06 Call
  AG726704 Nozzle FC-TR110-08 Call
  AG726705 Nozzle FC-TR110-10 Call
  AG726706 Nozzle FC-TR110-15 Call
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