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Gator Guide

    1993-2002 664, 844, 854 and 1254 Rogator coils and cartridges.

    Notes: Please see chart below for your specific machine. The cartridge vendor part number is located to the right of the part number below on the chart and is stamped on the nut portion of the cartridge, which may be helpful for identification. * Note 714421 has the manual override, you can use 712148 without manual override. ** Can use 609468. +++ 610014 is a two wire small coil with weather pack connector and round pins. ++ 027048 is a two wire constant duty coil with no connectors.  Note: The Gator Guide contains a PDF of the Coils and Cartridges.

      SKU Description Price Quantity
      AG609468 Single Wire Small Coil Call
      AG610014 Coil Only - Two wire+++ Call
      AG715440 Two Wire Large Coil Weather Pack Connector Round Pins Call
      AG522976 Two Wire Small Coil Metri-Pack Connector Flat Pins Call
      AG522977 Two Wire Large Coil Metri-Pack Connector Flat Pins Call
      AG610144 Two Wire Constant Duty Coil Weather Pack Connector Round Pins Call
      AG714421 Cartridge Soenoid Valve Red Knob Call
      AG727147 VALVE/SOLENOID Call
      AG715566 Cartridge- Solenoid Valve Call
      AG721899 Cartridge- Solenoid Valve Call
      AG718187 Cartridge- Solenoid Valve Call
      AG712817 Cartridge- Solenoid Valve Call
      AG715193 Cartridge- Solenoid Valve Black Knob Call
      AG718058 Cartridge- Solenoid Valve Tilt Up Call
      AG718059 Cartridge- Solenoid Valve Tilt Down Call
      AG121483 COIL/E,12VDC,DEUTCH,W/DIODE,08 Call
      AG121484 COIL/E,12VDC,DEUTCH,W/DIODE,10 Call
      AG060702 Two Wire PWM Coil Deutsch w2p Connector Call
      AG121465 Cartridge Proportional - PWM Lo Vol Call
      AG121388 Cartridge Solinoid Valve Call
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