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Applications:2000-2002 1254 RoGators.

Notes: These valves control the air flow to the bray valves on the booms.

An exploded view is located at the bottom of this page.

  SKU Description Ref. # Price Quantity
  AG331536 VALVE/AIR * Call
  AG331628 VALVE/ AIR Ref # 1 Call
  AG718744 Sub Base Section Ref # 2 Call
  AG718745 End Plate Kit Ref # 3 Call
  AG719052 O-Ring and Screw Kit to attach valve to sub base Ref # 4 Call
  AG719053 O-Rings Between Bases (2 Used) Ref # 5 Call
  AG520970 Air Switch - Normally Closed - Screw in Not Shown Call
  AG522996 Air Change Valve .25 Tube Union Type (Hi/Lo Volume Only) N/A Call
  AG523195 Mac Valve N/A Call
  AG521782 Humphrey Valve (Main boom valve and clean out) N/A Call
  AG519314 Quick Exhaust Valve Poly Not Shown Call
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