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The Falcon® II application controller by Soilteq provides the ability to control both single product (with or without maps) and multiple product applications plus record "as applied" data detailing where, when, what and how much product was applied. There is no other product with the capabilities of the Falcon® II controller.

The Falcon® II is a complete, single unit solution, bringing together the best control system with a large color display, field proven keyboard and mouse and the processing power to meet your needs today and tomorrow. Job set-up templates, automatic funcitons, user-friendly screen layouts, and quick calibration programs make the Falcon® II easier to use and more efficient than ever before.

There isn't another controller in the field that can offer you the Falcon II's features, ease of use, versatility and power. A free demo version of the Falcon II is available for download by visiting:

Record keeping has become a critical part of production agriculture. For this reason the Falcon II automatically records "as applied" data showing exactly what, where, when, and how much product was applied to each field. This capability can be further enhanced by adding the mobile version of Product Application Report, an easy-to-use data collection tool that generates a permanent record of each application activity. Product Application Report automatically combines job information, field image and other information recorded by the Falcon II into a single report you can print in the cab or in the office.

The Falcon II application controller can be connected with DGPS/GPS receivers and the Falcon Trac light bar navigation system for accurate and reliable guidance in tall or thick crops, large field, and low-light conditions. Falcon Trac has been developed specifically for use with the Falcon II.

CPU & Display Features:
  • External back lit keypad with built-in mouse
  • Keyboard and PS2 mouse functionality
  • 10.4" Active Matrix color LCD easy to read display with 800 x 600 resolution
  • 1.44 MB CD drive
  • Pentium® processor
  • 2 Serial ports
  • 6.8 GB removable hard drive
  • Windows operating system
  • CPU housed in a rugged metal enclosure with end plated and an acess door
  • Multi-position, adjustable keypad and display
  • An internal power supply provides "clean power" to the main processor board and interface board
  • 2 USB ports
  • Battery pack provides backup power supply
Software Features:
  • Compatible with most GPS systems
  • Maps, rates, and product information are displayed on screen during application
  • Produces "as applied" maps to provide electronic record of application
  • Specifically configured to individual vehicle in location on geo-referenced maps
  • Calibration program assists in calibration process with step-by-step instructions and automatic calibration calculations
  • Falcon II operates in dead reckoning mode in event of GPS single lapse.
Click on part number for a more detailed description of the product. There is a core charge that will be added if the remanufactured Falcon II (AG799814) is ordered. All or part of this core charge will be credited upon return of the core depending on the ocndition.

  SKU Description Price Quantity
  AG122318 New Falcon ll Server Plus without Cooling Fins Call
  AG799814 Computer Falcon ll Remanufactured Call
  526172D1 SSD-FALCON II+,VER 1.5 Call
  526171D1 SSD-FALCON II,VER 1.5 Call
  AG522992 Monitor Falcon II Call
  AG799815 Monitor Falcon II Remanufactured (AG522992) Call
  AG423571 Monitor Harness Call
  AG423570 Keypad Harness Call
  AG122317 Keypad Call
  AG060904 Replacement Mouse Call
  AG523326 Floppy Drive (USB) Call
  AG261218 Floppy Drive Cable (USB) Call
  AG523433 Floppy Drive Door Call
  AG523407 Keyboard PS2 Call
  AG519463 Falcon Control Node Call
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