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    1993-2002- 664, 844, & 854 Rogators with high volume plumbing systems.
Notes: Screen size selection should be based on tip sizes used. Rogators ship from the factory with a 30 mesh screen. To receive a complete strainer assembly the strainer body and screen both must be ordered.

  SKU Description Price Quantity
  AG053054 Strainer Asm Less Screen 2 inch Call
  AG005229 Strainer Head Call
  AG001978 Bowl Nylon Call
  AG514057 EPDM Gasket Call
  AG515477 Viton Gasket Call
  AG054967 Oring -Clean Out Plug Call
  AG052356 Screen 4 Mesh Call
  AG052355 Screen 6 Mesh Call
  AG052354 Screen 8 Mesh Call
  AG052353 Screen 10 Mesh Call
  AG052352 Screen 16 Mesh Call
  AG052351 Screen 30 Mesh Call
  AG052350 Screen 50 Mesh Call
  AG052349 Screen 80 Mesh Call
  AG052348 Screen 100 Mesh Call
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