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    2002 1254 Rogator filters
Notes: * Machines with serial number 125059902 and below use filter number 516180, which has 3/8" ports. Machines with a serial number above 125059902 use filter number 524540, which has 1/2" ports.

  SKU Description Ref. # Price Quantity
  AG524540 Filter, In-line Fuel * Call
  509249D1 Engine Oil Filter N/A Call
  AG609934 Hyd. Filter Return (1) N/A Call
  AG718569 Air Filter, Primary and Secondary N/A Call
  AG718570 Air Filter, Secondary N/A Call
  AG129868 Hyd. Filter Charge Pump** N/A Call
  AG725896 Hydraulic charge filter kit (filter with o-rings) N/A Call
  AG610748 O-Rings only for Charge Filter** N/A Call
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