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    2000-2002 1254 Air Conditioning
Notes: A Schematic is located at the bottom of the page. * Part number 422351 condensor was used on serial number 125019200 and below. All other 2000 1254 RoGators used condesor number 423803. Condensor P/N 422351 can be changed to 423803, but you will also need hose assy P/N 261653. Due to routing problems old hose p/n 233795 can not be used. Condensor p/n 423803 has the high pressure switch facing forward instead of upward and the upper hose fitting now faces upward.

  SKU Description Ref. # Price Quantity
  AG522391 A/C Compressor N/A Call
  AG519278 Receiver Dryer N/A Call
  AG422351 Condensor Coil 1a* Call
  AG423803 Condensor Coil (see note) 1b Call
  AG423598 Condensor Coil 1c** Call
  AG718801 Expansion Valve N/A Call
  AG718803 Evaporator Coil N/A Call
  AG262906 High Pressure Switch N/A Call
  AG607237 Low Pressure Switch N/A Call
  AG718805 Pressure Fan and Blower Motor ASM N/A Call
  AG718804 Blower Motor up to 2003 N/A Call
  AG718798 Thermostat Heater, A/C N/A Call
  AG718807 12 Volt Relay N/A Call
  AG718806 Resistor for fan blower up to 2003 N/A Call
  AG718787 Electronic Water Valve N/A Call
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