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    1996-1999 854 Rogator Air conditioning.
Notes: A Schematic is located at the bottom of the page. *Scrader valves started being used in later models of the 1998 854 starting with serial number 8528908 and proceeding thru 2002.

  SKU Description Price Quantity
  AG518204 A/C Compressor Call
  AG519278 Receiver Dryer Call
  AG408861 Condensor Coil Call
  AG713360 Evaporator Coil Call
  AG714552 Expansion Valve Call
  AG518525 O-Ring .50 Call
  AG518526 O-Ring ..63 Call
  AG228610 High Pressure Switch Call
  AG713359 Low Pressure Switch Call
  AG712815 Pressurizer Motor Call
  AG712813 Blower Motor Call
  AG713362 Control Heater/ AC Switch Call
  AG058655 Thermostat for Evaporator Call
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