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    2002 1254 Rogator Sheet Metal
Notes: * This cabinet door is interchangeable for all 3 cabinets on the 1254. The ladder sylinder has been updated from AG424994 to AG425222. If you are replacing AG424994 with AG425222 you will also need to order 2 of a AG561677, 90D elbow to adapt new cylinder. Part number of the cylinder should be stamped near the base end of the cylinder. Replacement seal for AG425222 is a Ag610878.

  SKU Description Ref. # Price Quantity
  AG424930 Ladder Stringer LH Upper N/A Call
  AG424983 Ladder Stringer RH Upper N/A Call
  AG328372 Ladder Stringer LH Lower N/A Call
  AG328423 Ladder Stringer RH Lower N/A Call
  AG327251 Step Aluminum N/A Call
  AG520929 Grab Handle N/A Call
  AG519802 Rubber Bumper for Entry Door N/A Call
  AG425222 Cylinder for Hydraulic Fold Ladder N/A Call
  AG561677 Elbow 90 D MO-R x MJIC (ladder Cylinder) N/A Call
  AG262883 Spacer Base End of Cylinder Upper Ladder N/A Call
  AG522454 Knob 4 Prong .31 x 1 Ref # 2.3 Call
  AG421609 Cabinet Door Ref # 3* Call
  AG519481 Battery Door Latch Ref # 3.1 Call
  AG324178 Cabinet Door Hinge Ref # 3.2 Call
  AG600008 Rubber Strap for Hood N/A Call
  AG601225 Pin for Rubber Strap N/A Call
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