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    2002 1254 Rogator Air System
.Notes: An exploded view is located at the bottom of this page.

  SKU Description Price Quantity
  AG224865 Hose Assy -8 x 102 inches Teflon Hose Stainless Steel Braid Call
  AG522426 Air Dryer (Meritor Model 1200) 2002 854 Call
  AG723385 Heater Kit 12 V Call
  AG723383 Turbo Cut Off Valve Call
  AG723382 Regeneration Valve Call
  AG724201 Purge Valve Call
  AG723386 Outlet Check Valve Kit Call
  AG522285 Air Bag Only Call
  AG325217 Bracket Weldment Mtg. Front Call
  AG325895 Bracket Weldment Mtg. Rear Call
  AG522349 Control Valve Height for Air Bags Call
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