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    1993-1996 664, 844, and 854 air compressors.
Notes: * This part is an in-line air dryer with a sock type element. It was used on 93-94 664 Rogators and some 95 844 and 854 Rogators. **This part is an air dryer with a dessicant filter that is a model Turbo 3000. It was used on 95-96 854 Rogators. + 711567 gasket goes between compressor and hydraulic pump..Notes: An exploded view is located at the bottom of this page.

  SKU Description Ref. # Price Quantity
  AG604110 Gasket between Govener and Compressor N/A Call
  AG334459 GASKET N/A Call
  AG224865 Hose Assy -8 x 102 inches Teflon Hose Stainless Steel Braid N/A Call
  AG519008 Filter Inline Air Dryer 1* Call
  AG714302 Element Only (Two per Package)- Priced per Piece) 1.1* Call
  AG715498 Screen Only 1.2* Call
  AG715753 O-Ring Only 1.3* Call
  AG519852 Air Dryer (Turbo 3000) + 2** Call
  AG716163 Heater Kit 2.1** Call
  AG716164 Turbo Valve 2.2** Call
  AG716165 Check Valve 2.3** Call
  AG716166 Unloader Valve 2.4** Call
  AG716167 Dessicant Replacement Filter 1996-1998 2.5** Call
  AG718175 Safety Valve 2.6** Call
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