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Applications: 2000-2003 1254 Rogators
                    2003-2005 1264 Rogators 
Manual cables and levers are only used in the 2000-2003 1254.  2003 and above 1264's use an electric sprage valve with an exterior reload station. 
** See Rogator Liquid System section for electric sparge valve (p/nAG523925) parts.
Notes: * 520946 switch is used for the product pump, main boom valve, power on for Talon option, & double foam marker enable. **520949 switch is used for nozzle apply optional sections, boom tip fold, boom fold LH, boom fold RH and boom hoist. ***519603 Cable is used for the sparger and reload valve. Item #20 Hydro handle may be available as a remanufactured part. (P/N 799943) Please call for availability. *Manual Cables and levers are only used in the 2000-03 1254. 2003 and above 1264's use an electric sparege valve with an exterior reload stations.

A Switch drawing is located at the end of the parts listed below.
For 2005/2006 1274 See machine parts catalog.

  SKU Description Ref. # Price Quantity
  AG520949 Switch, Sparger 1,7,18,19,20 Call
  AG520950 Switch Rocker (Hydraulic & Electric Lockout) 2 Call
  AG520946 Switch Rocker * 3,4,6,11 Call
  AG520952 Switch 6 Call
  AG520947 Switch Rocker 9 Call
  AG521179 Switch Rocker (Boom Cleanout) 11 Call
  AG520889 Regulator Foam Marker 12 Call
  AG521934 Foam Marker Pressure Gauge 13 Call
  AG523001 Switch Rocker (Full Boom Break-a-way) 14 Call
  AG519603 Cable Push/Pull *** 15,16 Call
  AG610766 Switch Product Master On/Off 20 Call
  AG610892 Switch Boom Tilt 21 Call
  AG725905 Switch Nozzle Apply 22 Call
  AG610764 Switch Foam Marker 23 Call
  AG129739 Electrical Pressure Gauge 0-150 PSI 24 Call
  AG522487 Nozzle Pressure Gauge 25 Call
  AG424068 Hydro Handle Assy. 26 Call
  AG520907 Blank Switch hole cover N/A Call
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