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Notes: * Need to order a rocker cover when ordering rocker switches. New Switches do not include blank covers. This switch configuration is based off of a Raven monitor system, Please call for information with other monitor systems.

A switch drawing is located at the bottom of this page.

  SKU Description Ref. # Price Quantity
  AG713225 Switch Assy. Rocker (Boom Tilt) Ref # 1 Call
  AG108321 Decal for Switch (Not included with Switch) Ref # 1.1 Call
  AG518707 Switch Elec. SPST (Switches for Switch Box) Ref # 2 Call
  AG517381 Switch DPDT Lock Mom. (Track Adjust) Ref # 3 Call
  AG609554 Switch DPDT Pull to Unlock (2 Wheel/4 Wheel & HI-Low Ref # 4 Call
  AG609555 Switch DPDT Rocker Center Off (Booms) Ref # 5 Call
  AG520848 Lighter Assy Ref # 6 Call
  AG517755 KNOCKOUT ARMREST Ref # 7 Call
  AG517396 Switch DPDT Rocker (Product Pump) Ref # 8 Call
  AG609557 Switch Product Pump Ref # 9 Call
  AG609556 Safety Switch Armrest Ref # 10 Call
  AG518935 Circuit Board Armrest 1995 Model Only Not Shown Call
  AG520141 Circuit Board Armrest 1996 Model Only Not Shown Call
  AG518323 Circuit Breaker 10 Amp -Blade Style Not Shown Call
  AG518235 Switch Dimmer Floor Master ON-Off Not Shown Call
  AG713335 Rheostat Temp Switch Not Shown Call
  AG713338 Knob Temp Switch Not Shown Call
  AG713337 Wiper Switch Not Shown Call
  AG713336 Light Switch Not Shown Call
  AG713712 Knob :Light Switch Not Shown Call
  AG518088 Rocker Cover Blank Not Shown Call
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