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AG704059 retainer ring does not use a seal excluder, AG705573, AG706950 retainer ring does use the excluder seal, AG706573.  
Notes: An exploded view is located at the bottom of this page.

  SKU Description Ref. # Price Quantity
  AG706950 Seal Retainer 1.8125 inch ID Ref # 1a Call
  AG704059 Retainer Ring 1.625 inch ID Ref # ! Call
  AG706573 Shield Dust Seal excluder Ref # 3 Call
  AG704032 Shaft Spinner Motor Ref # 2 Call
  AG715839 Seal Ref # 4 Call
  AG703848 O-Ring Ref # 5 Call
  AG721915 Bearing Ref # 6 Call
  AG712603 Cup Ref # 7 Call
  AG708918 Spacer Rdf # 8 Call
  AG841339 Bushing Ref # 9 Call
  AG707326 Seal Ref # 10 Call
  AG703824 Gasket Ref # 11 Call
  AG707507 Key, Shaft to Fan Hub (1) N/A Call
  AG703965 Installation Tool N/A Call
  AG715838 Seal Kit N/A Call
  AG059807 Retainer Assembly N/A Call
  AG707105 Speedi Sleeve Shaft N/A Call
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