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The Raven 440 provides automatic rate control of one chemical for liquid, NH3, or granular applications. Console has non-volatile memory, printer output, and two-way communication for uploading and downloading GPS (optional) information.

Standard features include single-product control with 3- (SCS 440) or 6- (SCS 450) boom control, volume in tank, total area, total volume, field area, field volume, speed, volume per minute, data lock, audible and visual alarms, control valve delay, 4-way programmable valve, low flow rate setting, two preset application rates, print menu, manual control, self-test speed, and time.


  • New easy-to-read 28 digit display
  • Ground speed compensated automatic rate control
  • One-time easy programming
  • Simple cabling and installation
  • Cumulative Total Volume applied and total area worked for record keeping
  • On-the-go programmmable rate change
  • GPS compatible
  • 3 to 6 boom control
  • Low limit function to eliminate pattern degradation
  • Multiple audible alarms for system monitoring
  • Self-test function for system check-out

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  AG711009 Dickey-john Radar Sensor with Mounting Bracket Call
  AG138508 RADAR/GUN W/9' Call
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