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The deflecters for the Air Max 1000/2000 should be set at 65°.
Deflector adjusting kit includes deflector setting tool and angle deflector gauge.

  SKU Description Price Quantity
  AG326241 Deflector End RH Call
  AG326165 Deflector End LH Call
  AG326162 Deflector Mid RH Call
  AG423088 Deflector Mid LH Call
  AG423022 Deflector Rear Outer RH Call
  AG423021 Deflector Rear Outer LH Call
  AG327980 Deflector Rear Inner RH Call
  AG327981 Deflector Rear Inner LH Call
  AG561214 Super Clamp 2.34-2.66 Call
  AG127790 Deflector Kit for whole Boom Call
  AG124578 Deflector Adjusting Kit - Air Max 1000/2000, Air Max Precision Call
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