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Was used on 1803, 1844, 8103, 8104, with John Deere engines.

There is a core charge on all Reman Advantage transmissions. The amount credited depends on the condition of the core.

  SKU Description Price Quantity
  AG521591 Power Shift Transmission 11 Speed Call
  AG799564 Reman Advantage Transmission Power Shift 11 Speed Call
  AG610114 Filter, Transmission Call
  AG610342 Switch, Oil Filter Bypass Call
  AG522273 Torsion Dampner Call
  AG718526 Nut for AG716865 Solenid Asm Call
  AG705652 Washer for Nut Call
  AG610831 ECU to 2002 Call
  AG120658 ECU Starting in 2003 Call
  AG716871 Yoke Output Call
  AG722855 Sensor Magnetic Cylinder Speed Call
  AG716879 Sensor Speed Output Call
  AG716881 O-Ring for Sensors Call
  AG723892 Harness Wire from Main Plug to Coils and Sensors Call
  AG725531 Shaft Input Call
  AG716862 Bump Shifter Call
  AG716869 Temperature Sensor Call
  AG139072 Gasket and Seal Kit Call
  AG330786 Solenoid Assembly Call
  AG521603 Sender Temperture (Add after AG716859) Call
  AG332573 Charge Oil Pump Kit Call
  AG714137 O-Ring between the pump and transmission Call
  AG332420 Charge Pump Only Call
  AG061132 Service Kit for installation of AG332420 Call
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