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The new VIPER interface creates a platform for the future. It provides a flexible link between any guidance system and most Raven controllers, and functions as the lifecenter of the machine. The VIPER is Windows-based and features a CAN interface. This will allow the system to automatically recongnize a wide range of equipment and also be capable of incorporating future software developments like wireless data transmission and soil sampling. These capabilities postion the VIPER as the future platform for spray control, guidance, VRT, planter control, field scouting and much more.

This system creates color, as applied maps on the go and produces a product application report with the touch of a finger. Since the VIPER can read variable rate prescription maps operators can turn their current Raven controller into a single product variable rate controller, expanding the use of their existing Raven equipment. Application data is automatically logged to a PCMCIA card and stored in shapefile format for use in most major software packages. The software also allows the user to export maps to MS Word or MS Paint and print them out, import existing coverage maps, and provides automatic boom control for spot spraying according to an application map. Future software releases will include soil sampling, crop scouting, CAN compatibility, wireless data transmission, a metric display and much more.

  • Large (10.5") sunlight readable, color touch-screen
  • Fully functional keypad
  • Programmable function keys
  • PCMCIA flashcard memory storage and transfer
  • Hooks to most existing and new Raven controllers
  • Compatible with any GPS system
  • CAN interface
Software Features (Version 1.0)
  • Creates color as-applied rate map as you go
  • Variable rate capabilities with existing or new Raven controllers
  • Datalogs rate and other information to PCMCIA card
  • Stores data in Shapefile format for use in most major software packages
  • Creates in-the-field product applications report with map
  • Automatic boom control
  • Import maps in Paint and Word
  • Import existing coverage maps of field
  • Setup Wizard for easy step-by-step, first time setup
  • Software needs to be ordered separately for the Viper.
New software releases scheduled for future upgrades:
  • Soil sampling and crop scouting
  • CAN compatibility
  • Metric display

  SKU Description Price Quantity
  AG137573 Mounting Bracket - SCS4000/Viper/Viper PRO/Envizio PRO/ Call
  AG727384 VIPER Power Cable Call
  AG727383 VIPER Interface Cable Call
  522496D1 Viper PRO Kit Call
  AG055899 RS232 Communications Cable - 10 feet Call
  AG330235 RS232 Communications Cable - 3' Call
  AG726896 VIPER Multi Product Software Call
  AG726891 Sitemate Basic Software Call
  AG726898 Sitemate Scout Software Call
  AG726893 Sitemate VRA Software Call
  AG426477 Cable Factory 661 to 5000 Call
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