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Clean Sprayers Help Prevent Crop Injury!

    Careful cleaning of sprayers is the applicator's responsibility. Even small amounts of product from sulfonylurea herbicides, such as Exceed®, Beacon®, Glean®, Amber®, Permit®, and Accent®, may cause injury to sensitive crops.

    Use caution when using products, like emulsifiable concentrates (EC), that contain solvents and surfactants that help remove herbicide residue from spray tanks. These products may free SU herbicide residue from the sprayer which could cause injury to non-labeled crops. There are steps you can take to ensure your sprayers are clean.
The Basics of Clean Equipment
  • Start with a thoroughly-cleaned sprayer before beginning a spray job.
  • Mix only as much spray solution as needed.
  • Wear appropriate protective clothing.
  • Carry a rinse tank filled with clean water or a wash solution on the sprayer. Immediately after spraying, flush the sprayer thoroughly before changing (or switching) to another chemical. Use a pressure washer to clean all interior and exterior surfaces with cleaning solution.
  • Flush the sprayer in the field to minimize handling issues with waste water. Take special care to rinse all hoses and lines. Materials may settle in the lines if not flushed out daily.
  • Consider installing a set of tank -rinsing nozzles on the spray tank. The rinsing nozzles should be connected to a separate tank which is used only for holding cleaning solution.
  • Dedicating a sprayer to one crop while using highly-active products will also minimize potential problems.
Commercial Tank Cleaners
    There are several commercial tank cleaners which have been approved for removal of Novartis sulfoylurea compounds from sprayers. Most tank cleaners contain materials which raise the pH to a range of 7. 3 - 14. These alkaline conditions help the sulfonylurea materials to dissolve so they can be rinsed more easily from the sprayer.

    Some tank cleaners are advertised as "neutralizers." Those cleaners may degrade certain classes of chemical compounds when used according to instructions. However, none of the cleaning materials tested in Novartis labs cause sulfonylurea compounds to decompose.

    Be sure to read and follow the tank cleaner manufacture's directions for use of a tank cleaner and wear proper protective clothing. including gloves, and eye protection.
Reprinted from Novartis
Novartis Crop Protection, Inc.
Greensboro, NC 27419-8300

Important: Always read and follow label instructions before buying or using these products.

No information or advice given here shall constitute a warranty as to any matter, all such information and advice is being given and accepted at your sole risk. Novartis Crop Protection, Inc. assumes no responsiblity or liablity for any statements given in this information.

Amber®, Beacon®,Exceed®, Peak®, and the Novartis logo are trademarks of Novartis.
Accent®, and Glean® are trademarks of E.I. dupont de Nemours and Company.
Permit® is a trademark of Monsanto Company
Clorox® is a trademark of the Clorox Company.

Ag-Chem Dry Tank Cleaner has been tested in Novartis labs and is approved! See "Related Parts and Products" for other cleaning items.

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