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Replacement parts for Raven's 3 inch stainless steel butterfly control valve. Raven number 063-0159-911, Ag-Chem number 713270.

Note: An exploded view is located at the end of the parts listed below. See "Related Parts and Products" for new valves. Reverse polarity jumper is no longer needed with this valve, Rev. C or higher.

  SKU Description Ref. # Price Quantity
  AG713644 Seal Ref # 3 Call
  AG713643 Cap Screw Ref # 4 Call
  AG713582 O-Ring Viton Ref # 6 Call
  AG713641 Stem Ref # 9 Call
  AG710456 Motor Assembly Ref # 10 Call
  AG844811 Valve Cover Blue Ref # 11 Call
  AG719869 Clamp U-Band Ref # 14 Call
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